Below we will explain which fields from a deal map into Parallax and how Salesforce and Parallax communicate with one another. So breaking it down piece by piece and understanding its relation to Parallax. 


Salesforce Parallax
Opportunity Owner Sales Owner
Opportunity / Project Name Project
Account Name Client
Close Date / Target Start Date Start 
Amount Target Budget / Target Revenue
Service Offering Service Offering



Parallax Tip: I don't see a term!

If a Salesforce field or term is missing from the table above, it does not visibly show up in Parallax. 


Opportunity Owner


The Opportunity Owner in Salesforce will be the Sales Owner in Parallax.



Opportunity in Salesforce equates to Project in Parallax

The Name of your Project is owned in Salesforce until it is in active projects in Parallax

Account Name


Account Name in Salesforce is Client in Parallax

Close Date/Target Start Date


The closed date in Salesforce is the date on which the deal was officially sold. This does not equate to anything in Parallax unless there is not a Target Start Date entered.

If within Salesforce you do not enter a project start date, the closed date will show up as the start date in Parallax. 

Target Start Date is another field unique to Salesforce for users who integrate with Parallax. As mentioned before in the the Close date, the Start date will integrate into Parallax as a project. The Start will be seen in a few places in Parallax.



The Stage and Probability added within Salesforce will correspond to the Stage shown on the Sales Pipeline Listing page.



Amount in Salesforce has two different names in Parallax, Target budget, and Target Revenue. Target budget can be found on the Sales Pipeline Listing Page and within the project's financial settings in the top bar under Target Budget again. Target Revenue can be found in the Project Detail and Shaper as well. Examples above and below are just two of many. 

The Target Budget/Target Revenue cannot be updated in Parallax, any changes to this number must be made during the sales process within Salesforce.


Project Offerings


The Project offerings selected directly map to the Service Offerings within Parallax that show the role and its selected information required for a service. 


That is how an opportunity maps with Parallax, for any other questions please see our additional articles, including the set up article. 

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