How to set up your Pipedrive integration with Parallax.


Critical to bringing in projects from the Sales process. Pipedrive helps us integrate with a project at the beginning of its lifecycle. 

Set Up Integration Connection

As you may know, Customer Success will work with you to set up your organization and will turn on your selected integration tools. In this case, the Customer Success team selected Pipedrive for your CRM tool. To complete the integration process please follow the steps provided. 

  1. Click on your Setting in your left-hand navigation bar, then Integrations
  2. Click 'Connect to Pipedrive'
  3. Log into your Pipedrive account

  4. Read and Click 'Allow and Install'


  5. This time you will be redirected back to Parallax where you will select your pipeline

    In Parallax: Project = Pipedrive: Deal

    In Parallax: People = Pipedrive: Employees

    In Parallax Clients = Pipedrive: Companies

  6.  After selecting your Pipeline, click Sync
    By syncing this Pipeline, your Parallax will pull in the information around your Project, People, and Accounts
  7. Once all synced up you will be prompted to select your Pipedrive stages


    Before picking your stages talk with your sales team to decide at what percentage you should start working on a project. Don’t worry if you’re overwhelmed with the options you have integrated, you can also go into Settings to define the deals you would like to have in the Pipeline. 

  8. Pick your stage and click Sync Pipedrive stages

  9. With that you're all set and ready to go


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