On the surface, editing dates within the Shaper is simple - just select the date from the date-picker and go, right?

Not only does your Project have a Start and End Date, but so do all of the Offerings within the Project, so it's important to understand how they interact. Additionally, we've got some options like "Pushing" Dates out, but you'll want to know the limitations before playing too much with them!



The Project Start/End dates are right on the Listing Pages (Sales Pipeline or Active Projects) and on the Project Details Page. The Project Start Date is pulled right in from your CRM from the deal, and can be changed from your CRM (if it is compatible with Target Start Date)*.  This represents the intended beginning and end of the project.

The Offering Start/End dates represent the start and end of Allocations for each individual Offering that you've added to a project.  If you think of the Offering as a Shape, then the Start/End Dates represent it's borders.


*Important Note: Target Start Date?  Close Date?  

Target Start Date and Close Date are two different ways Parallax may get a Project Start Date from your CRM, so make sure to check out this article for more info if you're not sure the difference: Target Start Date vs. Close Date


The Rules

When updating either Project Start/End Date or Offering Start/End Date, you'll want to keep these rules in mind for how they interact:

  • An Offering cannot start before the Project
  • An Offering can end after the Project
  • Moving the Start or End of a Project does not change the Offerings shape (OR it's position relative to Project Start Date)
  • Moving the Offering Start Date does not change it's shape (ONLY it's position relative to Project Start Date).
  • Moving the End an Offering may change the Offering's shape
    • If the final cell of an Offering is filled, changing the End Date will cause it to be duplicated to fill the empty space
  • Moving the Offering Start/End Dates does not affect the Project - except if it ends now after the Project (next bullet)
  • You will be prompted to decide whether or not to change the Project End Date* if:
    • You change the Project Start Date
    • You change the Offering End Date beyond the Project End Date

In Summary, moving the Project also moves the Offering proportionately (both Start AND End). Moving the Offering may give you the opportunity to extend the end of a Project, but not pull it back or change the beginning. 

*Important - What about the End Date?

If you are prompted to decide whether or not to change the Project End Date, your decision will not affect the Shape of your Offering. 

  • If you were moving the Project Start Date the Offering Start AND End Date of the Offering will still move either way
  • If you were moving the Offering Start Date the Offering End Date will still move either way.
  • If you were extending the Offering End Date this will take effect either way.

All that is determined is whether or not your Offering will extend past the end of the Project.



For this example, we will start with a Project Starting on August 8 and Ending on November 4th. The Offering will start a week into the Project on August 15th, but will end at the same time as the Project on November 4th.


Changing the Project Start Date: 

When I move the Project Start Date ahead one week (to August 15), you will see that the Offering Start Date and End Dates will also shift by one week (to August 22 and November 11).

I will allow the Project End Date to change so that my Offering End Date and Project End Date remain aligned:



Changing the Project End:

When I move the Project End Date ahead one week (to November 11) no other changes occur to the Project or Offering:


Changing the Offering Start Date:

When I move the Offering Start Date ahead one week (to August 15, you will see that the Offering End Date will also shift by one week (to November 11).

Since this again over-extends the Project End Date of November 6, I will be prompted whether/not to change the Project End Date. This time I will not allow it to change, showing the Offering overextending the Offering:


Changing the Offering End Date:

Lastly, I will extend the Offering another week to show that again I am given the opportunity to choose to allow the Project End Date to extend or not:


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