Lets's take a look at how to start project planning with the project shaper.

First things first, if your deal or project doesn’t have any service offerings added, you’ll want to add some. Learn more about offerings in the article, Offerings Overview.

Adding a role (or Person):


Below the list of roles already added to your offering you will see the + Add Role button. Once clicked, a pop-up will appear with a drop down including all of the roles that were created through the Roles Settings page. Click on the role that you would like to add and you will see a new row appear at the bottom of your offering for that role. 

Editing a Role:


  1. Move the role up or down
  2. Assign someone to the role
  3. Change the role or,
  4. Duplicate the role

Delete A Role: 


With service offerings and roles added to the project, we can begin Allocating Hours to Roles!

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