Now that we have the roles added and planned allocations are set, let's look at how we can start adding people.

Adding a Person to a role:

  1. Click on the plus sign for the desired role to be filled
  2. Find or complete a search for a specific Person
  3. Click Add on the far right side

Finding a Person that is the best role match:

The Advanced Search Shaper can help you staff an open role by showing the capacity of People.


Getting there: 

  1. Click on Active Projects 
  2. Click on the Project of Choice
  3. Click on an Open Role
  4. Click on the Advanced Search button 
  5. Add a Person with the + button

Advanced Search has a preset filter based on the open role you've selected. A match score is calculated based on the number of days the Person's capacity matches the availability for the role.

Once a resource has been assigned by clicking the + button, the selection and estimated hours will feed into the project detail plan and People page. The billing rates will also be updated and the impact can be seen in the project plan.


To see who is available for the role you can add hours to the role on the shaper and then use the Advanced Feature to search which People with that role may be available for project work. 



To Add a Person simply use the '+' as shown 



The Person will be automatically added to the project as shown 




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