Below we will go through the different ways that you can add hours to the shaper cells 

Allocating Hours

Adding hours into the shaper is as easy as clicking into a cell and typing in the designated hours. 

Parallax Tip - Tabbing

 Clicking the tab button on your keyboard will bring you to the next cell on the right. The arrow keys on your keyboard can also be used to navigate around the shaper cells. 

To add hours to multiple cells at once, click on the first cell with the desired allocations and distribute by dragging across multiple cells. To remove hours in multiple cells, use this same click and drag method starting by clicking on an empty cell. 



You can Add Allocations, Clear All or Clear left if needing to make updates. 


Right-clicking on a cell will also give you the option to add allocations to multiple cells at the same time. A pop-up will appear for you to add the number of hours with the start and end date. If you prefer to plan using percentages instead of hours, simply click on the Hours drop-down arrow and select Percent.


Clearing hours

Right-clicking on a cell allows you to clear all of the cells to the left, or to the right. The clear all option will clear the role’s allocation throughout the start and end dates. 


Push Out Hours 

By clicking in the header column on the project in shaper you can also push out the hours or clear a full column within the project. 



Push out the date on the role for the project using the Push Out link: 



Clear Column: 


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