Let's talk about the two ways to look at the data in the side column of the project shaper; by financials or hours

Financials Tab


This view has a helpful breakdown of the rate, hours and revenue for each Person on the project. The revenue for each Person is calculated by multiplying the role rate and the total projected hours.  

Note: On a fixed bid project, the rate identified in the Rate column is the effective rate.
A fixed bid project will have the lock icon next to the Revenue title.

The drop-down box in the top right of this section allows you switch between actual, planned, projected, and remaining data. You will notice that your rate and revenue columns also adjust based on the type of hours you chose here. A quick reminder of what each of those drop-down options are showing you:

  • Actual: The hours pulled in from the integrated timesheet
  • Planned: The total number of hours planned from project start to finish
  • Projected: The actual hours plus what is remaining in the plan past today's date
  • Remaining: The hours left in the plan past today's date

Project totals are displayed at the bottom of this section.


Hours Tab


When we navigate over to the hours tab, we see the three right-most columns change in this section. We can now see sold, projected, and unplanned. If you make a switch with the drop-down box in the hours tab, you will just see the middle Hours column change.

Using the filter from the menu you can change your view from Actuals, Planned, Projected or Remaining. 



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