Before we dive deep into how to use Parallax, let’s do some quick navigating.

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The Parallax interface can be divided into 4 main areas:

  1. Sidebar
  2. Alert Banner
  3. Header
  4. Main Content Area

Parallax Tip

Clicking the Parallax logo will collapse the sidebar for easier viewing of main content.


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The sidebar is present on all pages, and is used to navigate between sections of Parallax. From the sidebar you can: 

  1. Log out of Parallax by clicking on your profile picture or name 
  2. Access different sections of Parallax
  3. Access our support documentation as well as product updates as they are released 

Alert Banner

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The alert banners are found on the Sales Pipeline, Active Projects, and People listing pages. These alerts are filters for the content below, and are designed to help identify Projects or People who may need attention.

For example, on the Active Projects list, the following alert banners are available: 

  1. Unallocated Time - People who have logged time to a project, but have not been assigned a role in the project. This could be a person who made an error on their timesheet (logged time to the wrong project), or simply a project where the project owner needs to assign hours to the person. 
  2. Projected Over Budget - Projects that, given the projected hours, are trending over budget by more than 20%. This indicates a potential need for project owners to review and update planned hours, and for organization leaders to give attention to potential overages. 
  3. Unassigned Roles - Projects that contain "open roles" or roles on the project that have not yet been staffed. For active projects, this alert provides visibility into planned roles on a "sold" project that requires staffing. If left unstaffed, it's possible the planned hours can't be worked leading to revenue loss and missed client expectations. 
  4. Past Start Date - Projects that are "Awaiting Start" but the start date is in the past. If the start date has passed and the project has not started, hours that were planned on the project may not be worked and could indicate resourcing delays. 
  5. Past End Date - Projects that are "In Progress" but the end date for the project is in the past. This alert indicates that projects may be extending past their timeline, resulting in unforeseen resourcing needs and potential project overages. Project owners can update project statuses to "Complete" if the project is done.  


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The header is located on all listing pages and allows you to: 

  1. Filter the list of projects or People by common attributes such as: department, role, status, type, and stage. 
  2. Search for Project names, People's names, owners, clients, and departments/roles. 

Parallax Tip

Filters and alerts on the listing pages stay active while you navigate Parallax.

Main Content Area - Listing Pages

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The listing pages display the Sales Pipeline projects, Active (sold) projects, and the People. From these pages, you can: 

  1. Click on each item to view more information about the project or Person
  2. See "at a glance" information such as hours, revenue or assignments. 
  3. Sort each list by selecting the column headers

Parallax Tip

Data often flows into Parallax from one or more integrations, such as your CRM or Timesheet tool. To learn more about this process, please review our Integrations article

Main Content Area - Project Pages

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The projects view lists the relevant project attributes such as the project and client name, budget and expected revenue, and team roster. From this view you can: 

  1. Connect Timesheets to active projects
  2. Update resource plans
  3. Assign staff members
  4. Review project financials 
  5. Change billing models, rate cards, and project budgets
  6. Update the status and risk levels of the project

Main Content Area - Assignments

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The assignments view is the main area for viewing your team's project assignments and allocations. These allocations can be viewed by hours or percentages, and summarized by day, week or month. From this view you can:

  1. Adjust filters and search for People, Projects, roles, departments, etc. 
  2. See a list of People or Projects 
  3. See total planned hours for People or Projects

Parallax Tip

Use "OR" in the search box to view multiple search options: For example you can search "Emily OR Software Engineer" to view a specific Person alongside all People within a specific role.

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