As you explore Parallax, there can be a lot of data to review.  While you can drill down using filters, wouldn't it be great if you could save combinations of filters that you could customize and toggle between?  Good news - with our new Saved Views, you can do exactly that!

What are Saved Views? Saved Views are a term within Parallax - this is where we'll define exactly what it means.

Where you will find Saved Views

This is where we'll break down what pages you'll actually see Saved Views on, and what you'll see.

How do to use and edit Saved Views

We will show you how to create your first Saved View and how to navigate and manage your Saved Views

Who can see your Saved Views

Here is where we'll get into the visibility of Saved Views, and how you can share them.

Do I need to use Saved Views?

Check out here for more insight into when and why to use Saved Views.

What are Saved Views?

A Saved View is a combination of Filters that you apply to the page you're viewing and then save for current and future use. A Saved View will continue to apply until you either toggle to a different Saved View or Clear your filters. This means you can navigate to from page to page while still keeping the same filters in place. Best of all, you customize your Saved Views, so you can have several different views or just 1-2, depending on what you need!

Where you will find Saved Views


Saved Views will apply on three main types of pages: 

  • Listing Pages - Sales Pipeline and Active Projects
  • Assignments View
  • Insights Reports

In each of those places, you'll find Saved Views in the upper-right corner of the page. If don't have a Saved View applied you'll see Select View - otherwise, if you do already have a Saved View applied, you'll see the View Name you assigned it* 

Parallax Tip: Can a Saved View be applied if I haven't created one yet?

Nope - you'll want to create at least one Saved View before you can use this feature.  Saved Views are personal (only you'll see them) and customizable (you get to make them), so if you haven't created any Saved Views yet, you'll start off with the Select View option. 

How do to use and edit Saved Views


Before you can create a Saved View, you'll want to apply the Filters you want to the page.  Once you've got the filters you want in place (don't worry, you can change them later!), click on the "Create View" button in the upper-right corner to do that. You'll be asked to name your View, then you're good to go!


From there, you'll be able to click on the selected View to make the following changes:

  1. Change Filters - Like you've previously done, this is where you'll change Filters.  However, now these changes will now apply to the View you've currently selected and will remain until you switch Views, toggle to a different View or Clear.
  2. Select Views Menu - If you want to do any of those things, you'll do that by Clicking on the View Name in the upper-right corner to change your View.
  3. Select your Default View - Click the star next to any of the Views you've created to make it your Default View for Listing Pages, Insights Reports, or the Assignment View (whichever you're viewing).
  4. Toggle to other Views you've Created - Choose from any Views you've previously created to jump to that View.
  5. Rename or Delete a View - Hover over a View to expose icons for editing the Name of the View or Deleting the View entirely.
  6. Create another View* - Use the Create another View to start a new View and select a new set of Filters.
  7. Clear your View - This takes you out of the selected View and clear out all Filters, taking you back to the Default Filter settings.

Parallax Tip: How many Saved Views can I have?

We've currently set a limit of 100 separate Saved Views.  While we don't expect you'll need anywhere near that many, we want to make sure Saved Views are flexible and that you don't feel like you have to delete Views often just to make room for new ones!

Who can see your Saved Views

The short answer is "You," but that's oversimplifying things a bit.  While only you can see the list of Saved Views that you've created and saved within your User Profile in Parallax, that doesn't mean you can't show the combination of filters to anyone else.  

If you want to share the combination of filters that you're using with other individuals, you can do this by switching to the Saved View, then copying the complete URL. Share that URL with other individuals in your organization that use Parallax in order for them to see the same page and filters applied - then they can save the View for themselves!

Do I need to use Saved Views?

One useful way to think of Saved Views is like a browser - by creating and using Saved Views, you're setting a homepage and bookmarks.  Like setting a homepage and bookmarks, this isn't required to use Parallax, but it can save you a lot of time and energy. 

For example, if you're trying to load a page that has a particularly large data set that you only need to view specific segment(s) of, one way to streamline loading time is to start off with a Saved View that shows only those segment(s) and then broaden things out as needed.

Saved Views are just one of many tools in your Parallax toolbox, but we hope it continues to be a meaningful one!

Parallax Tip

Please note that the option for column selection as noted with the 'eye' icon  is not a part of the filtering feature for saved views.  This option is to allow for flexibility in the viewing of columns shown and fluid regardless of the View Saved.


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