As your Projects become more complex or have more natural divisions or phases, naturally, those Projects will be divided into more Offerings.  In order to best accommodate this and provide the best navigation experience, we've made the following enhancement - collapsible Service Offerings!

What has changed? We'll summarize here what's changing within Parallax with this update.

What does it look like?

Check out a visual of what this change actually looks like within Parallax.

What has changed?

Within the Project Details Page, you can now expand and collapse Service Offerings, in order to see only the Service Offering(s) that you're currently working on.  You can do this in two different places:

  • Within the Overview on the Project Details page
  • Within the Project Shaper on the Project Details Page

What does this look like?

Within the Overview, you'll see an arrow next to each individual Offering, below the Hours and Financials Chart.  Simply click that arrow to expand or collapse the Offering* and see only the Name/Financial Model, Totals and Timesheets Menu for the Offering.


Similarly, within the Shaper, next to each Offering, you'll see an arrow - click that arrow to collapse the Offering and see only the Name/Financial Model, Offering Start/End Dates, and Totals.


*Parallax Tip: Default Expansion

When viewing the Shaper or Overview, we will default to all Offerings being expanded so that you can decide for yourself which ones you want to hide.


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