Tempo is critical to intaking the actual hours worked by People to populate the actuals in Parallax. This article will show you how to set up that connection.


Tempo is an Atlassian time-tracking product that lives within Jira projects. Users can connect existing projects to Parallax Offerings to start tracking actuals.

Your Tempo timesheet integration must be connected prior to your CRM integration.

Once Tempo is set up on the Settings/Integrations page, it can be applied to Project Offerings with Jira or Asana Project Management tools. This allows you to compare the percent of Total Hours Completed against the percent of Effort Complete.

Set Up

1. On the Settings/Integrations page, within the Timesheet section, click "Connect to Tempo".


2. After clicking "Connect to Tempo", you can enter the Email Address you use to log in to Atlassian, your Jira Cloud ID, and your Jira and Tempo API Tokens. Then click "Next".


3. After clicking "Next", you will be redirected to log in through your timesheet tool (this may be handled by the parent company, i.e. Atlassian). With a successful login, you will be redirected back to Parallax and can see the number of People have been connected. Their timesheets will be synced every hour or click "Sync Tempo" to sync immediately.

Parallax Tip: Check the Subdomain Format!

When you enter the subdomain, it should be just the subdomain itself, not the URL or Jira's domain.  Example: For subdomain.jira.com, you would enter just "subdomain" (and omit the .jira.com).



3. You're connected to the Tempo Integration!

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