Noko is critical to intaking the actual hours worked by People to populate the actuals in Parallax. This article will show you how to set up that connection.


Noko is primarily a Time Tracking app, which has invoicing and expense tracking capabilities, as well as a reporting feature which is their resource management and planning tool. Users can connect existing Noko projects to Parallax offerings. 


In the left-hand navigation, click on 'Settings' then 'Integrations'


A SuperDomain refers to the Company Account you created your Noko with. To get your SuperDomain you will do the following

  1. In a separate window to tag go to your Noko account
  2. Look at the URL and Copy the text that comes before
  3. Take the Copied Text and Past it into the SuperDomain Field in Parallax

You have completed the Superdomain step.

Note: Superdomain Title

Note that in this example the Superdomain was "getparallax", but your company has a different and unique domain. 

Connecting Noko

Now that you have the SuperDomain it is time to connect your Noko Account.

  1. Click the 'Connect to Noko' Buttonmceclip2.png
  2. This will redirect you to Noko's login page

Important Note: log in manually!

When logging in, DO NOT sign in using Apple or Google - you must log in by manually entering your Username and Password fields.

 3.     Once logged in, click 'Authorize'


 4.     You will be redirected back to the integration page and you're all ready to go!


With that, you're all set up!

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