What Revenue > Overview tells you

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How does it work?

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What Revenue > Overview tells you

In a nutshell, the Revenue > Overview allows you to view and evaluate your Projected (past Actuals + future Plans) across both your Pipeline and Active Projects. It allows you to look at projected Revenue on a by-Project basis, but also to see the bigger picture, and by using filters to segment you can use this to plan for various scenarios.  


How does it work?

In order to understand what you'll see on this page and how to use it, we've segmented the page into 5 main sections below:

(1) Filters and Customization


This part of the page is where you'll pick out what data segments you want to view. Many of these options will be standard on all reports. In the top left, you'll find Filters which you can use to segment your data (with options for Department, Role, Stage, Financial Model, Project Status, Worker Type and People Tags).  

On the right side of the page, you'll pick out the Date Range, as well as the period (Weekly, Monthly), and decide if you want your Pipeline Projects Unweighted or Weighted*.

Parallax Tip - What is Unweighted vs. Weighted Pipeline?

Great question!  Unweighted represents the full opportunity amount for selected Pipeline Projects, while Weighted will multiply the opportunity amount by the probability percentage associated with the Stage selected Pipeline Projects are in.

(2) Graph


The graph on this page will be a visual representation of the data set you've chosen over the timeframe you've selected. You'll see a visual representation of your Active Projected Revenue (the projected Revenue for Active Projects) and Pipeline Projected Revenue (the projected Revenue for Pipeline Projects) for the selected timeframe.

This graph helps to tell the overall story of the data you've selected and help highlight deviations to dig into.

(3) Active Projects Table


Your data set for this report will be broken down into three different tables: Active ProjectsSales Pipeline and Active Total + Pipeline Total Table.

The first of these, the Active Projects Table, will show you the selected data only for Active Projects.  You will see columns for the general info about the Client, Project, Project Owner and the progress of the Project including Status (Awaiting Start, In Progress, On Hold or Completed) and Start/End Dates.

To the right of the Project info, you'll see the real value of this report - the Projected Revenue for each week/month (depending on period you selected). You'll also see a Total for the full Projected Revenue within the selected timeframe for each Project.

On the right side, just above the table, you can also Search the table to find a specific Project, Edit Filters or download the data in a CSV.

Parallax Tip - Project Owner vs. Sales Owner

While it's our assumption that Sales Owner will be more relevant for Pipeline Projects and Project Owner will be more relevant for Active Projects, you can technically add Columns for either or both. Check out the Edit Filters to adjust this, as desired.


(4) Pipeline Projects Table


This table will show you much of the same information as the Active Projects table but since it is specific to your Pipeline Projects, the different columns will be:

  • Sales Owner is selected by default rather than Project Owner (see previous section on how to change this).
  • Status is replaced by Stage (based on your CRM Stages).
  • There is a Probability Column (based on the Probability associated with the Stage in your CRM).

Just like the Active Projects Table, you can also Search the table to find a specific Project, Edit Filters or download the data in a CSV - but keep in mind that these changes apply to each table separately!

(5) Active Total + Pipeline Total Table


The third and final table is the Active Total + Pipeline Total Table. It shows you the summation of both of the previous tables, allowing you to see at a glance the total of both Pipeline and Active projects without needing to do any additional math.

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