See it all the time, but not totally sure what it means?


Actuals are hours logged in the timesheet provider and imported into Parallax.

  • Actuals can only be added/edited/deleted from the timesheet provider
  • Actuals can exist before project start

Actuals will be found in the Active Projects, Insights, and Project details just to name a few locations.


Allocations are created in Parallax and represent the duration and burn of the plan for that offering role.

  • May be added/edited at any time in the project lifecycle.
  • Cannot be added before project start

Allocations will be found in the  Sales Pipeline, Service Offering, Project details, and insights just to name few locations.

Bonus: Projected

Projected hours are calculated by summing the Actual hours worked to date and the remaining Planned allocations

  • If you’re 2 weeks into a 3-week, 120-hour project, and of your 80 potential actual hours, you’ve only worked 70, you have 110 projected hours.
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