Profit & Loss is critical to any project accounting and financial tracking.  Check out the article below for info on what you'll see there.

What is P&L? Check out a brief summary of what the Project P&L page is for.

What you will see in a Project P&L Page

We'll cover what you'll actually see on this page and what each section is for.
What you can do in a Project P&L Page

We’ll cover what you'll actually do here on the Project P&L page.


What is P&L?

Parallax provides you with all of the information you need for smooth financial operations instead of tracking Hours, Revenue, Costs, and Margins in spreadsheets.

What you will see in a Project P&L Page

  1. Project Info/Navigation Tabs - This will be the same Project Info and Navigation Tabs you see on each Tab in the Project Details page.  For more info check out this article.
  2. Project Items - These are the segments you can view the remaining columns, broken down by Offerings. These segments include Hours, Revenue, Costs and Margin, each of which (except Hours) is split into those originating from Service Offerings and Other (added from the Costs & Revenue page).
  3. Sold - This represents what was present at the time the Project was Sold within your CRM. 
  4. Projected -This will be the expected Hours/Revenue/Costs/Margin if all future plans are completed. It is represented as (Past Actuals + Future Plans).
  5. Actuals - These are the Actual results to date based on Timesheet submissions.
  6. Remaining - This is the remaining amount based on current progress.

What you can do in a Project P&L Page

This page is for viewing overall Project Financials.

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