Not everyone within your Organization works from the same location, or even the same country.  With our Locations page, you can now create Locations to assign People to, in order to customize them accordingly.  Check out below for more info!

What you will see in the Locations page Check here for a quick tour of what's available to you in Locations.

What you can do in the Locations page

Here you'll find some key actions you'll perform on the Locations page and how to perform them.

What you will see in the Locations page


Within the new Locations Page, you'll see all the Locations you've created so far, by both Name and Abbreviation.  You'll be able to see the Currency that's currently associated with that Location (check out this article for more info), as well as the number of People in this Location.  You can switch from Active to Archived in order to see and edit past Locations that are no longer in use.

As we identify and expand on functionality and use cases for Locations, expect to see additional additional Columns to represent any new segments or divisions within Locations that become available.

What you can do in the Locations pageSnag_10b43133.png

The primary use for the Locations Page will be to add and edit new Locations in order to differentiate Currencies using that Location.  You can do this by:

  1. Selecting the Add Location button in the upper-right Corner (for a new Location) or select "Edit" from the three-dot menu to to the right of an existing Location.
  2. In the Module that appears type in the desired Name and Abbreviation to use for your Location.
  3. Select the intended Currency from the dropdown list of Currencies you've created - this will dictate which Currency will be used to calculate Cost for People assigned to this Location.
  4. Select the intended Holiday Calendar that should apply to the People in this Location
    (Note: You can exclude People from all Holiday Calendars on an Individual Bases in Settings > People)
  5. Optional: You can select Make Primary Location to have new People you create default to this Location.
  6. Click Save to update your changes, and you're done!

Parallax Tip - How specific should a Location be?

The answer is, as specific as makes sense for your business.  Remember, you can add the same Currency to as many Locations as you want, so you could be as specific as separate offices within the same city, or as general as the Country in which an office is based.  Whatever division helps you differentiate your People, Locations are here to help with that! 

What's next?

Once you've got Locations set up, you can use them to manage your People's Currency - check out this article for more info!  Or to use Locations as a way of managing which Holidays apply, check out this article.

As something we added in early Q2 of 2023, Locations are a relatively new feature within Parallax, so expect expansions on how Locations are used, and how they can be customized here in the future!

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