Have you ever made an update to a Project within Parallax that required some extra context?  Maybe you needed to swap out a Role or make a determination on additional Allocations.  Or perhaps you wanted to delegate changes to another member of your team.  Whatever the case may be, there hasn't been a way to seamlessly communicate this within Parallax, until now! 

With our most recent release, we have added functionality to add Notes to both Projects and Project Roles so that you can more easily add context or request changes from other Parallax Users on your team.  Check out below for more info.


What are Project/Role Notes?

Project and Role Notes are very much what they sound like - they are Notes that you can type up and add to a Project or Role to communicate with other Parallax Users.  Along with the ability to Add these Notes, you'll see functionality to Archive, Edit and Delete, but keep in mind that each Note is owned by the individual that Added it (except by Users with a Note Moderator permission mentioned below). 

This means that actions for Notes can be broken down to two categories:

  • Can be done by Anyone (with sufficient Permissions) - Adding Notes, Archiving (hiding) Notes.
  • Can be done only by the User who Added - Editing Notes, Deleting Notes. 

Check out the section below for more info.

Where Project Notes are located

Currently, Project Notes can be found in the following places:

  • Listing Pages - New Column under Sales Pipeline and Active Projects.
  • Project Details Page (all Tabs) - Notes are added to the Header information (that includes Start/End, Tags, etc.), so it appears across all of the Tabs of a Project.
  • Assignments View - When viewing Assignments by Projects, you'll see Notes when Hovering over a Project.

Below are screenshots of each of these three places.




Where Role Notes are located

Role Notes can be found in the following places:

  • Project Overview Tab - Since Roles are associated with a specific Offering, Role Notes will be found in the Overview Tab of the Project Details page, below the Project graph.
  • Project Shaper - Likewise, in the Shaper, you'll see them associated with the Role assignment - hover over a Role to see Role Notes in the list of options.
  • Assignments View - When viewing Assignments by People, you'll see the Role Notes option when hovering over a role assignment, much like the Shaper.

Below are screenshots of each of these three places.





What you can do with Notes:


Regardless of whether you are adding a Role or Project Note, and regardless of which place (Listing Page, Project Details Page or Assignments View) that you're adding the Note, the functionality will be the same.  Once you've clicked on the Notes, you'll open a module, which will allow you to do the following:

  1. Add a New Note - Here, you'll type the desired text in the text box and click Save.  As a bonus, you can add an attachment using the attachment icon (right side).
  2. Toggle Active/Archived - This option allows you to switch back and forth between the list of Archived (hidden) and Active Notes.
  3. View Notes - Here is where you'll see the log of (Active or Archived) Notes that have been added.
  4. Archive Existing Note - Move existing notes from Active to the Archived list to keep the most important information front and center. 


What Permissions are involved in Project Notes?


In order to best manage access to Notes, we've added 2 new Permissions under Settings > Permissions that can be applied to permissions Roles:

  • Note Moderator - Has the ability to Delete a Note placed by any user.
  • Create & Update Notes - Has the ability to add and edit notes, as well as delete own notes.

We have added the following permissions to the Default Permission Roles, but you'll want to check any Custom Permission Roles you've created to make sure they're aligned with the Notes access associated with their role:

  • Admin - Has been granted Note Moderator and Create & Update Notes permissions.
  • Trusted - Has been granted Create & Update Notes permissions.
  • Owner - Has been granted Create & Update Notes permissions.
  • Contributor - Has been granted Create & Update Notes permissions.
  • Employee - Has been granted no permissions for Notes.



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