Rate Cards are another essential part of your Parallax Projections, Analytics, and Insights. Within Parallax, you can have any number of rate cards. For example you might have specific rate cards for different clients or internal projects or rate cards with higher margin goals. You can also set a primary, or default, rate card that will automatically get applied to all new projects. This article covers creating and managing rate cards in Parallax.

Rate Cards Page


The Rate Cards page is where you will create and house new Rate Cards to be applied to Projects. On this page you can:

  1. Active and Archived Filter
  2. Search by Rate Card Name
  3. Add new Rate Card
  4. Sort by Heading function
  5. View and edit Rate Card
  6. Edit or Archive

*Parallax Tip

Make sure you created roles prior to your rate card.

If you do not have any roles created prior to creating a rate card, you would have to click the “maximum roles added," which opens the user up to duplicative and taxing work. By adding the roles first, you save some time when trying to auto-populate your rates cards.

Existing Projects: Once a rate card is applied to a project, any updates to the rate card already assigned to a project will not be applied to those projects. To adjust rates on an existing project, you can do this at the project level by going to Financial Settings and adjusting the Bill Rates by Role. 

New Projects: The updated rate cards will be applied on new projects going forward.  

How to Add a Rate Card: 

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Click on Rate Cards
  3. Click on Add Rate Card
  4. Enter Rate Card Name and Default Bill Rate
  5. Check the box that says "Add all company roles to the rate card" to populate automatically and save time from entering in roles manually. Roles can be removed or changed as needed once saved by using the edit link
  6. Click Save


The Primary Rate Card will be the default used for all new projects. You can change a Rate Card on a project, if needed, by going to the project Financial Settings tab. 

Setting Primary Rate Card:

  1. Click on the desired Rate Card
  2. Click on Make Primary Rate Card


Editing a Rate Card:


Once you've selected a Rate Card, you can make the following types of edits:

  1. Make Primary Rate Card Button
  2. Add Role Button
  3. Default Bill Rate view and editing
  4. Sort by header
  5. View and edit of Role using the 'Edit' link
  6. Remove Role by using the 'X'
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