Before you can run, you have to walk - with Parallax, that means that before you start adding People, you'll want to create some basic units that you'll use within Parallax. You must add Departments and Roles to assign your People to and Rate Cards to set Billing Rates in order to determine what you'll bill for People.


We’ll cover how to add your first Department here.


You can find info here on how and why to add Roles.
Rate Cards

Find out more on how Rate Cards work and what they're used for here.


Departments are more or less what you'd expect - they are the divisions of your Company that you'll want reflected within Parallax, to which Roles will be assigned.

Adding a Department is fairly straightforward:

  1. Click on Settings > Departments to visit the Departments page
  2. Click Add Department
  3. Enter Department Name and Abbreviation.
  4. Click Save

To ensure accurate reporting, you'll want to create Departments before adding Roles and Rate Cards. 



Roles are the positions your People will fill.  While you can customize People to override the decisions you're making for a position, this allows you to standardize the settings for a specific Role and override it on an Person-by-Person basis only when necessary.

To add a Role:

  1. Click on Settings > Roles
  2. Click Add Role
  3. Enter Role Name and Department
  4. Add a Default Billable Capacity, Target Utilization and Cost Rate* 
  5. Click Save


Parallax Tip: What are Capacity, Target Utilization and Cost Rate?

We'll start with the easiest one first - Cost Rate is the hourly rate of the Person.  Essentially, it's what it costs you to employ them.  This is different from the Billing Rate you'll charge for them, which you'll set in the next step.

Capacity and Utilization represent respectively the maximum amount of hours that should be billable work (i.e. anything that's billed to the Client).  Utilization represents the goal over time that you want to align with Capacity.  In short, Capacity is used for Planning, Utilization helps you understand how well you're aligning with that Plan.

Rate Cards

While the Cost of an Person is standardized to a Role (and can be overridden for a Person), the Bill Rate that you'll charge a Client for each is set by a Rate Card that you'll add to each Project and can be swapped out as needed.  This allows you to set standardized Rates you'll bill for each Role, while being able to swap those Rates out based on different types of Projects or Clients.

Once you have added Departments and Roles, follow the steps below to add a Rate Card:

  1. Click on Settings > Rate Cards
  2. Click on Add Rate Card
  3. Enter Rate Card Name and Default Bill Rate (the Rate each Role will start at)
  4. (Optional) Click select the "Add all company roles to rate card" box if you don't want to add each Role manually.
  5. Click "Save"
  6. If you don't already have a Default Rate Card, select "Make Primary Rate Card"
  7. (Optional) Select the "Add Role" button to add any Roles you left out
  8. Click "Edit" next to each Role to modify the Bill Rate for that Role
  9. In the module that appears enter the desired Bill Rate
  10. Click "Save"




And you're done!

Updating Role for a Person

When a Person's role changes, you can edit by going to Settings > People, then click on the person's name.

When clicking on the field, begin to type in the new role and select from options presented then click Save (upper right corner). 

Changing the role will not change the role name within Active Projects the Person is already assigned to. Roles are not tied to a Person because People are added to roles within a project. Some projects may list a Person with a role that is not their primary role. 

Note: If you change a Person's role, Parallax will use the new roles Cost Rate on any project that Person is assigned to no matter the role they are assigned to.



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