The Sales Pipeline is an integrated and interactive table for projects currently in the sales pipeline process.

What you will see in the Sales Pipeline Here we'll cover the basics on what you're seeing within the Sales Pipeline.

Project Listings

We'll cover what you can see about a Project from its Listing.
What you can do in the Sales Pipeline

We’ll cover some key actions you can take from the Sales Pipeline. 

What happens when a Project is Sold?

Visit this section to find out how the Project moves from Sales Pipeline to Active Projects once it's sold!

What you will see in the Sales Pipeline


Parallel to the Active Projects Listing Page, the Sales Pipeline Listing Page is the place where all your Pre-Sale Projects live. This is where you'll go to locate, access and even make some changes to your Pre-Sale Projects. It can be divided up into 4 main sections:

  1. View Select - Like Active Projects, Assignments View and Insights - this is where you can Save and toggle between Saved Views you've set up for easy access!
  2. Alerts - These are Alerts that call out specific segments of Projects that may need your attention. Click one to jump to a filter state that displays the Projects in question.*
  3. Filters - This is where you'll determine the Projects you see in the Project Listings.  You can sort by StagesFinancial Models, Excluded Status and Tags - in addition to using the Search filter on the right to look for a specific Project Name, Client or Owner.
  4. Project Listings - These are your Pre-Sale Projects. If you're using a CRM, these will be pulled in directly from your CRM once connected. They are sorted by Project Name, but you can click on any Column to sort them how you like.  Read on in the next section to find out more!

What Alerts are currently available and what do they mean?

The current Alerts you'll see on the Sales Pipeline are:

  • Missing Shape - These are Projects that no Allocations have been added to Shape the project.
  • Past Start Date - These are Projects where the current Start Date has passed
  • Below Target Margin - These are projects where the planned Margin is below the Target Margin set (in Financial Settings) for the Project.
  • Over Target Budget - Projects where planned Revenue exceeds the Target Budget set (in Financial Settings) for the Project.
  • No Project Owner - Projects with no assigned Project Owner.

Project Listings


As mentioned above, this is your list of Pre-Sale Projects, as defined by the Filters set. The Listing will show you:

  • The Owner of the Project
  • The Name and Financial Model(s) of the Project
  • The number of Tags that are applied to it (Hover to see them!)
  • The number of Project Notes applied to the Project (check out here for more info!)
  • The Client the Project is for
  • The Pipeline & Stage that the Project is currently at in your CRM
  • The Start and End dates of the Project
  • How many Team members are assigned to it
  • The total Hours Allocated to the Project
  • The Target Budget that you set
  • The Planned Revenue based on your Allocations

In addition to these options, you can Exclude a Project to hide it from the Listings you're currently seeing by clicking the "..." menu on the right side of the project to select "Exclude."


Parallax Tip: I'm missing a project!

If you're not seeing a Project in your Sales Pipeline there are few key things to check right away.  The first is to make sure it's not Excluded - you can do that by setting your filter to "Show Excluded". 

If that's not the culprit, you'll want to check your Filters. If you're not filtering by All Stages and All Models, you could be missing Projects and if you've selected Show Excluded, you're only looking at Projects you've hidden.

Finally, you'll want to check the Stage in your CRM.  Your Integration may be set up to Include only specific Stages or your Project may be Closed/Won (in which case, it will be in your Active Projects Listing Page).

What you can do in the Sales Pipeline

There is clearly a lot within the Sales Pipeline and Sale Pipeline Project Detail page, but what can be done within these pages?

In addition to being the place to find and visit your Projects, the Sales Pipeline itself has the capability to present meaning full information and insights quickly. To start, the Alerts will give the users a quick glance at 5 areas that might demand immediate action such as Projects.

The filters are not the only way to filter and sort information. Projects can also be sorted by the headers. For example, if you are a delivery team preparing your resourcing for the upcoming months, you could sort by stage probability.

What happens when a Project is Sold?

Once a Project is Sold, it should automatically be moved to Active Projects. To do that, within your CRM update your deal with these three things:

  1. Marked as 'Closed-Won' stage
  2. Have a probability of 100%
  3. Changed deal status to 'Won'

With that, your project will move from the Sales Pipeline to Active projects in Parallax.   To find out more on Active Projects, check out our Article here!

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