This week, we've made some changes to the % View, as well as an enhancement to Pipedrive.  


What's a FTE and what does it mean?

Full Time Equivalents will be found in the Shaper or Assignments view, when selecting the % and Full-time Equivalent View. They are units equal to the company Capacity minus any PTO or Holidays within the given day/month/week. For example, if your Organization's default (found under Settings > Customization) is set to 40h, and there is 1 Holiday (8h), then a 1 FTE = 32h.

For more information about FTE Rollup, check out this article: Why did FTE Rollups change?


Pipedrive Enhancements: Widget and Custom Field

We've added a new the new Pipedrive Widget and improved custom fields for integrating with Pipedrive. For more information check out the following articles:

Pipedrive Widget Setup

Pipedrive field mapping


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