Below we will explain which fields from a deal, map into Parallax and how Pipedrive and Parallax communicate. This article breaks down our integration parallels piece by piece.


 Pipedrive  Parallax
Organization Client
Title Project Name

Target Budget & Target Revenue

Pipeline and Pipeline stage

Pipeline and Stage

Expected close date and Target Start Date

Start Date

Pipedrive Widget

Check out here for info on how to use the Pipedrive Widget

Widget Fields 

See here for fields specifically available through the Pipedrive Widget


Parallax Tip: I don't see a term!

If a Harvest field or term is missing from the table above, it does not visibly show up in Parallax. An example of this is 'Notes' and you can see this one among others below.'



Organization in Pipedrive will be the same entity as Client in Parallax. 



Title in Pipedrive will correlate to Project in Parallax



Value in Pipeline will correlate to Total budget & Total Revenue in Parallax

Pipeline and Pipeline stage


The Pipeline Field will correlate to the Pipeline the Project will appear under on the Sales Pipeline Listing page*, and the Pipeline stage will determine the Stage shown on the Sales Pipeline Listing page.

This is important to keep in mind both for Sorting and determining which Pipelines and Stages are used on the Settings > Integrations page.

Important Note: Winning a Project in Pipedrive

Unlike some other CRMs, to move between the Sales Pipeline and Active Projects Listing page, you need to do two separate things: 1) move the Project to a Closed/Won Stage with 100% Probability and 2) click "Won" on the project.  If you're not seeing a Project under Active Projects, check to make sure you didn't skip one of these two steps!


Expected close date and Target Start Date


The Target Start Date will correlate to the Project Start date in Parallax (if it is not present, then Expected Close date will be used instead).

Parallax Tip - How do Close Dates affect Shape?

The Allocation Shapes you create in Parallax move in relation to the Start Date you select, so each time the start date changes, the allocations will move accordingly.  By default, Parallax will accept changes to your Target Start Date (or Close Date when absent), so each time that changes in Pipedrive, the project as a whole will shift. If you don't want that, you can turn it off on the Integrations tab for the Project.


Pipedrive Widget 

Check out below for instructions on how to enable the Pipedrive Widget:

How do we enable it?

To start off, you'll need to be an Admin in Pipedrive must be logged into your Pipedrive instance.

Parallax Tip: New to Parallax since Septmeber 15, 2022? 

You can skip step 1!

  1.  You will want to start by disconnecting your Pipedrive Integration, in order to reconnect it.  You can do this in Settings > Integrations.


  2. Once complete, within Pipedrive, click on their profile and select “Company Settings”

  3. Click “Tools and Apps” > “Marketplace Apps”

  4. Click the Shared checkbox to enable the Widget for all Users on the Pipedrive Instance

And that's it it!

Widget Fields

Two additional fields are available through the Widget.  Here is how they map to Parallax:


 Pipedrive  Parallax



Target Start Date

Start Date


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