We've made a few tweaks to the sidebar within the Shaper for an overall better experience!  Check out the improvements we've made below!

Note: From Assignments View with Edit Mode turned On these options will show. 

Better name and label visibility

Hover states have been changed to support better visibility of the labeling and allow for hovering on truncated names. 


Tags on a hover

You can now view all Tags on hover over Tags icon.


Offering Row ordering

There is now an arrow for Offering Row reordering (left). Edit Offering Name, Duplicate, and Add Role remain (right).

Role updating and ordering

We've made some tweaks to the Role Rows too.  Role Row reorder arrows (left). Unassign Employee from Role, Tags, Delete, and More Menu (right). Change Role and Duplicate (dropdown options).


Assignments View

Assignments View default functionality vs. edit mode functionality.


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