Below we will explain which timesheet fields from Togl map into Parallax.


Toggl Parallax
Project               Service Offering       
Time Actuals
Clients Client


Parallax Tip: I don't see a term!

If a Toggl field or term is missing from the table above, it does not visibly show up in Parallax. An example of this is 'Tags or Descriptions.'


Projects in Toggl will map directly to the Service Offering within the Parallax Project.


Time within Toggl will map to the Actual Hours that are populated within Parallax.


Clients are easy with Parallax and Toggl - the same term is used in both!

Additional Info

Descriptions entered into Toggl will not be pulled into Parallax.  As Time entries are added in Toggl, they are automatically pulled into Parallax on the next sync (every 15 minutes).

See below for a visual reference on where these fields are mapping from Toggl:


To Parallax:



For more information see our Set Up article.

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