What can I do if a Timesheet Project isn't connecting to the Service Offering in Parallax?  In this article, we'll cover a few different scenarios of what might be happening and what to do about them.

Nothing's Happening Here we'll address the possible culprit and next step if nothing seems to happen when you try to connect a Timesheet project.

I don't see the Client!

We'll cover here why may not be seeing the Client and what this mean.
I think I connected the wrong timesheet?

Check here for info on what to do if you think you may have connected a timesheet other than the one you intended.

Nothing's happening

If nothing happens when you try to connect a Timesheet Project, a common culprit is your Permissions.  Not all Permissions roles have the same access within Parallax - but the good news is that these roles can be customized!  Check our Article on Permissions to find out how they work and make sure you're in the right Permission role for your organizational responsibilities.

I don't see the Client!

Once a Client is fully mapped from your CRM > Parallax > Timesheets, you don't need to connect the Client on individual Projects. You should only see the option to select a Client when connecting timesheets for a Client that hasn't already been fully mapped so the Clients on that dropdown are *only* un-mapped.

If you're missing a Client on that dropdown, odds are high there are multiple Clients under that name pulled in from your CRM.  Check out our Article on Client Management for how to confirm this, and next steps!

I think I connected the wrong timesheet?

Timesheets can only connect to one Offering in Parallax - so if a timesheet is already connected to an Offering, you should see an error message like this:



Don't panic - once you find the Offering in Parallax that's incorrectly connected to the timesheet you wanted to connect, you can use the "Disconnect" button to disconnect it.  Then you'll be able to connect it to the correct offering in Parallax!

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