Parallax integrates with your Salesforce CRM data to provide valuable insight into upcoming work, projects, and resource planning.



Parallax connects with your Salesforce pipeline and synchronizes your opportunities with the Parallax application so you have more insight into your resource needs during the sales cycle. 

The Parallax app also provides custom page components so you can view information from Parallax right alongside your Salesforce opportunities.



  • View your Parallax project information from right inside your Salesforce Opportunities
  • Send real-time updates from Salesforce to your Parallax account so your plans are always up to date
  • Include valuable information with your opportunities to improve project insight.



Package Installation

After the Managed Package is installed into a Salesforce instance, some manual steps need to be taken.


Authenticate HTTP Callouts

  1. Navigate to Setup > Security > Named Credentials
  2. Select the Parallax API named credential
  3. Click Edit
  4. Enter the appropriate password for the environment
  5. Click Save



Add Permission Set

  1. Navigate to Setup > Users > Permission Sets
  2. Select Parallax Opportunity Fields
  3. Click Manage Assignments
  4. Click Add Assignments
  5. Select the users that should be able to read/write to the custom fields. This should at a minimum include the user that will be used to authenticate with Parallax.
  6. Click Assign






Add Custom Fields to Layout

  1. Navigate to Setup > Objects and Fields > Object Manager
  2. Click Opportunity
  3. Click Page Layouts
  4. Select Opportunity Layout
  5. Click and drag the Target Start Date and Service Offerings custom fields to the desired location in the layout
  6. Click Save




Add Lightning Component to Opportunity

  1. Navigate to Setup > User Interface > Lightning App Builder
  2. Click New, or select edit on existing Opportunity Lightning Record Package
  3. If creating a new page, select Record Page, enter a name in the Label field and set Object to Opportunity, then pick the Header, Subheader, and Right Sidebar layout
  4. Drag Highlights into the header
  5. Drag Path into the subheader
  6. Drag Activities into the left area
  7. Drag the Parallax Project Details components from the Custom-Managed section to the right sidebar
  8. Click Save
  9. If this is a new page or has not been activated, click Activate to activate the page for users of the organization. Follow the steps in the wizard to activate for the correct users.












Editing an existing Lighting Opportunity Record:


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