See it all the time, but not totally sure what it means?


An Offering is a generic, global concept that is either a user pre-built template of roles and allocations that can be modified further or a custom one-off spun up by the user at will.

Project Offering

A Project Offering is the same thing except existentially tied to a project. It will have its own id to differentiate it from the template.


A Role is, again, a generic global conceit.

  • Most People will have a primary role
  • Roles have characteristics that will be passed down

Parallax has two different definitions of Role depending on the content. The Role we are currently talking about is the Roles for People. Roles for People typically are Project Roles or job titles. If you ever see Role in the context of Users know that Role refers to the permission that users has within Parallax. 

Offering Roles

Offering Roles are roles that have been attached to Offerings.

Project Offering Roles

Project Offering Roles are Offering Roles that have been assigned to Projects.

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