A breakdown of how the team is planned to use their time.

What is Utilization and why is it important? 

Utilization is a useful metric for evaluating how well you’re planning, and how well you’re making progress toward those plans. It is an important, but lagging indicator of how good you are at proactive planning — not necessarily how good you are at resource management.

Business leaders often fall into the trap of trying to maximize utilization as much as possible. In reality, driving utilization too high can lead to even more detrimental effects on worker morale and the business. Good insight into your utilization can help prevent people and teams from underperforming or being burned by heavy workloads.

So what is Utilization? Simply stated, it is the number of billable hours divided by capacity. Regardless of the billing model established (T&M, fixed fee, etc.) think of billable hours as anything associated with generating positive revenues. Standardizing this across the organization allows agency leaders to quickly see the revenue generating potential of the team. 

Utilization - Breakdown Report


What does this report tell me? 

The Breakdown report presents hours booked information in such a way as to allow you to see exactly how your planned utilization is being allocated. At a glance we can see how our team's capacity is being distributed across billable work, internal projects, holidays and PTO. Furthermore, compared to their overall capacity, we can see the amount that is remaining or is unallocated. This report is best used as an analysis of future looking utilization. 

Report Table



The table displays the total hours available per person, with breakdown time logged as billable, internal, PTO, Holiday, and remaining (unused). Each percentage of utilization shown on the right is equal to the total hours allocated to that category divided by the total capacity. 

The table also takes into consideration any PTO scheduled and lowers the billable capacity as a result. 

Reported Metrics


Capacity: Total available hours in the given period
Billable Capacity: Total available hours set aside for billing less any PTO assigned for the given period
Billable Hours Planned: Allocated hours that have been added to Parallax project shapes inclusive of projects that are “awaiting start” and “in-progress”
Internal Hours Planned: Allocated hours that have been added to Parallax project shapes with the billing model set to "Internal"
PTO: Allocated hours that have been added to the Internal Parallax project shape that has been selected as the default PTO project (see: Insights Configuration)
Holiday: Planned hours that have been allocated to defined holidays

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