A look at how teams are executing against their resource plans.


What does this report tell me? 

By leveraging the direct connection into your timesheet system, we can compare the hours booked on a given project compared to the plan in each Parallax project shape. The information presented here will be integral in tracking down a revenue leakage problem or a the possibility of a margin reduction issue in a fixed bid project.

Report Table

The coloring of each cell provides information on how actual hours are coming in against what exists in the plan.

How to read cell coloring:

  • Red Cells: Actual hours recorded are less than Planned Hours.
  • Red Text: Actual hours recorded are greater than Planned Hours.
  • White Cells: There are no Actual hours or Planned Hours.

The main columns of the table calculate how the hours have been used on any given project:


  1. Total actual hours booked and total planned hours from the start to the end of the project
  2. Actual hours and planned hours for the time period selected at the top of the report
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