Displays total revenue, cost, and change in margin over time.


Margin is a percentage that is used to measure the profitability of your business after expenses have been deducted from profits. This report highlights trends in your profitability across projects and clients. 

Report Filters

  • Departments, Financial Models, Stages Clients, Project Status, Worker Type, Project Tags, People Tags
  • Table Views by Department, Role, Offering, Client, Person or Project
  • Relative Dates or a Date Range
  • Views by Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly



Table Filters

  • Option to view Revenue, Hours, Costs and Gross Profit in the table
  • Highlight projects below __% margin and above ___%

Key Metrics

  • Actual Revenue: The amount of money generated during the selected time period
  • Planned Revenue: The amount of money expected based on the allocated hours that have been added to Parallax projects marked as “Awaiting Start” or “In Progress”

Report Table


Based on the filters and chart segmentation chosen, the table will display a list of revenue, hours, costs, and margin amounts.


As an example, you can highlight items with a margin below 10% and above 30% to get an analysis on how your projects and clients are doing.

Use the checkboxes to hide/show additional data points on the table including; Revenue, Hours, Cost, and Gross Profit.

Option included to export the table as a CSV.





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