Once in your Project Detail you will be able to access your Changelog, which displays all of the Changes made within a project and who they were made by. 


  1. Project Info/Navigation Tabs - This will be the same Project Info and Navigation Tabs you see on each Tab in the Project Details page.  For more info check out this article.
  2. Event Timeline - Use this timeline filter to drill down to the window of time you need to look at.
  3. Changelog Filter - These are additional ways you can drill down by specific identifiers. You can filter by Editors (the User making the change), the Offering the change occurred on, the Role that was changed or search to filter by Keyword.
  4. Timeline Events - These are the actual events within your Project that document changes that occurred. They are grouped by Date (ordered by Timestamp) and will show the Location within the Project where the change was made, the Event (what change type of change was made), the Item (the actual change itself) and the Editor who made the change.

What you can do in the Changelog

Maybe the most obvious, but you can view who has been making changes within a project. We understand that a lot goes on within a project and no matter how hard we try we might not be caught up with the latest updates. Checking the Changelog helps you to be able to trace changes through the life of the Project.

Parallax Tip - Keep Narrowing

When searching, you can use use "or" to search several conditions such as a few User names, Items, events, and or locations. 

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