You'll see the term 'Listing Page' mentioned throughout our Knowledge & Support Center, but what do we actually mean? In this article, we'll break that down for you and tell you what Listing Pages we currently have.

What is a 'Listing Page'? In this section, we'll define the term 'Listing Page' with a little better context - this way you'll know what we mean if we add more of them in the future!

Sales Pipeline

We'll give you a brief overview of the Sales Pipeline, with links for more info!
Active Projects

We'll give you a short look at the Active Projects page, with links for more in-depth detail.


We'll look at the People Page, with a resources for where to learn more!

What is a 'Listing Page'?

Simply put, a Listing Page is a page that displays a grouping (primarily Projects) in a List form that can be easily searched, filtered, sorted, and display alerts. The primary purpose of Listing Pages is to easily display and provide quick navigation between Projects. The Listing Page is also where you can make quick changes to a Project such as Duplicating, Excluding (hiding), or Including (unhiding) the Project.

While you can also navigate Projects through the Assignments View, the Assignments View is more for comparing and contrasting Assignments and Actuals - whereas Listing Pages are more about locating and visiting Projects.  Check out below for our current Listing Pages!

Sales Pipeline 


The Sales Pipeline is for projects currently in the sales pipeline process - these are your Pre-Sale Projects.

Depending on your settings, the Sales Pipeline can reflect projects that have a certain confidence that the project will be sold. From the Active Project page you are able to click into Project Detail Page to update, shape and edit the Project.

Check out our Sales Pipeline Article for a deep dive into the Sales Pipeline!

Active Projects


The Active Project Listing page for projects in that are sold and in delivery process. 

Since Active Projects represent those that are sold, they are moved from the Sales Pipeline Listing Page into the Active Projects Listing Page by your CRM by being moved into a Sold Stage (and set to a 100% confidence rate, where applicable). Like the Sales Pipeline, you are able to click into Project Detail Pages.

See our Active Projects article for more insight into the Active Projects page.



Unlike the Sales Pipeline and Active Project Listing Pages, the People Listing Page is all about, well People. You can filter, view, and sort People based on their Role to view things like Capacity, Utilization and Variance. You can also see Alerts (important notifications) on People that may be relevant - like People who have Low Allocation.

For a more in-depth look at the People Listing Page, check out this article on the People Page.

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