This article covers how to add employees in Parallax when initially setting up your account.

Editing Employee Details

Settings > Employees Edit employee information such as roles, employee type, employee-specific cost rates, billable capacity, etc.

Tags in the Employee Settings

Settings > Employees By adding additional data to employees, findability improves for aligning the right resource with the project assignment needs. 

Adding New Employees

Settings > Employees When you add a new employee, Parallax will push the employee details to your timesheet tool as long as there are open seat licenses available. 

Archiving Employees

Settings > Employees Archiving an employee in Parallax also archives the employee in your timesheet tool.


Employees are automatically added to Parallax once your CRM and Timesheet tools are fully integrated. To find employees within Parallax, navigate to Settings > Employees (1). 

From this page you can: 

  1. Edit employee information such as roles, employee type, employee-specific cost rates, and billable capacity (if different from the role they are in). 
  2. Add new Employees, which automatically sync's that employee to your timesheet tool.
  3. Archive any employee records that may not be applicable (admin accounts, past employees that may still be active in your timesheet or CRM). 

Parallax Tip: Billable vs. Non-Billable

Only billable employees are used to calculate available capacity for your team, so it might be desirable to archive any non-timesheet employees to prevent them from displaying elsewhere inside Parallax. 


Editing Employee Details

Clicking on an employee allows you to edit the employee attributes. Note that employees may have a Service Match of Timesheet or CRM, depending on where the employee record originated from. If you do not see a service match, that employee has not been connected with any integrated tool. 

Note -

Email: Parallax uses an employee's email address to keep the integrated tools in sync, so it is not editable in Parallax.

Primary Roles: It's important to add primary roles to each employee before you can begin resource planning and assigning hours to employees in Parallax. 


Employee attributes: 

  • Employment Status: Determines whether an employee is Active or Archived in Parallax. Employees can be archived or unarchived from this screen.
  • Employment Type: FTE employees are considered "full-time" salaried employees, while Contractors may be "1099" employees. 
  • Billing Type: Billable employees are typically assigned to client projects and submit timesheets. Non-bill employees may or may not submit a weekly timesheet, but are not assigned to client projects. Billable employees contribute to the overall Billable Capacity for their role and departments in Parallax.
  • Start Date: The date an employee starts at the company. If populated, capacity not will be calculated for dates prior to the employee's start date. 
  • End Date: The date you expect the employee will no longer be working with the company.  If populated, the employee will be automatically archived on this date, however, you can update this date at any time.
  • Primary Role: The role the employee typically performs on a project. Our recommendation would be to use project roles, rather than employee titles to simplify resource planning. 
  • Custom Capacity: Typically, the employee would adopt the billable capacity percentage from the role they are assigned. If an individual employee has a billable capacity target that differs from their role, it can be configured here.
  • Custom Cost Rate: Similar to Custom Capacity, if an employee has a cost rate that differs from their role, it can be configured here. 
  • Service Match: This displays what, if any CRM and Timesheet services the employee has been matched with.
  • Accept Updates from Integrations:  This setting allows you to track changes to the employee's name, email, and avatar that occur within the CRM and/or Timesheet.  If there are any conflicts, information from the Timesheet is prioritized.

Tags in the Employee Settings



Within the Employees settings, you can add tags to an employee.  

Adding tags within the Employees Settings

  1. Click on the employee you would like to add tags to
  2. Go to the 'Tags' section
  3. Select the tag(s) you would like to add
  4. Click 'Save'

Adding New Employees


Now that employees are connected with your timesheet tool, adding new billable employees should be done in Parallax.

When you add a new employee, Parallax will push the employee details to your timesheet tool as long as there are open seat licenses available.  

If possible, always add new employees to Parallax first, rather than adding employees directly to your timesheet tool. This ensures that your employee list in Parallax stays accurate, and prevents confusion when trying to find an employee assignment from your timesheet tool that may not be present in Parallax. 


Archiving Employees


When employees leave your company, or if there are unwanted employee records in Parallax, it's necessary to archive them in Parallax. 

To archive an employee, click "archive employee" from the employee details screen. Doing so will allow you to set a termination date. This is not a requirement to archive employees. Setting an accurate termination date allows Parallax to adjust your teams' capacity based on when employees leave the company. 

Archiving an employee in Parallax, also archives the employee in your timesheet tool.

Archived employees can be recovered by selecting "Archived" from the Employee Status filter at the top of the Employees listing page. Clicking into an employee and selecting "Unarchive Employees" will change their status to "active" in the employees list. 

Note: If the archive date is the same date as current day, the system will not archive the employee until Midnight moving them from active to archived at that time. 




When needing to make bulk editing to existing employees you can use the Download CSV/Upload CSV feature located on the employee page.  

This CSV updating works for existing employees only where changes may need to be made to roles, costs, or other information as noted on the file. 

Once the file is updated, you may save as a .csv file and then upload the changes using the upload link for multiple changes to be made at one time. 

Please note that this feature will only work with existing employees that need updating/change.  This feature will not update Parallax if entering in New Employees and their details as this must be done from the Employee Settings directly using the Add Employee link found on that page. 


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