This Article will talk through some tips for managing the flow of the Client field from CRM to Timesheet

Why is Client management important? 

For a smooth flow between your CRM into Parallax and back out to your Timesheets, all three need to be aligned under the same Client.  If, for example, Parallax and your CRM are under Client 1 and your Timesheet is under Client 2, you won't be able to connect to Timesheet projects, even if the Clients represent the same company.

How do I best avoid duplicate Clients? 

The best way to avoid duplicate Clients is to start with your CRM - all Clients you see in Parallax are imported from your CRM attached to a deal - and you can only change the Client in Parallax by making the change within your CRM.   Below are some good tips, tricks.


Within your CRM:

  • Always check for a customer/client within your CRM before creating a new one
    If a new Client is created in your CRM, it will be pulled into Parallax with the deal - and can't be connected to any Harvest Client that exists for the existing Client
  • Don't wait until a Deal is won to add the customer/client in your CRM
    The webhooks that pull in the Client for a Project do not fire when you move the Deal to a "Won" stage or on any changes in the CRM once it is in Active Projects.  You can always change the stage back to with a lesser probability (25%, 50%, etc.) to pull in a change to the Client - but it's best to avoid needing to do this, by having the customer/client added at the earliest stage you can. 
  • Merge duplicate customers/clients within your CRM - but be careful!
    If two Clients are unintentionally created within your CRM, most CRMs will allow you to merge them together - however, if you've already connected a project in your Timesheet through Parallax, you'll want to make sure that's the CRM Client you're saving.
    Parallax won't detect any merges that you make in your CRM - so you'll want to let us know when you do that. 

How do I know if I have duplicate Clients? 

Unable to see the proper Client when connecting your Timesheet - A Client within your Timesheet can only be mapped to a single Parallax Client.  If you already have Timesheet projects with a specific Client, it's mapped to that Client within Parallax, and won't be visible for Projects under a different Parallax Client (even if the name of the Parallax Client is similar or even identical).

You can't merge Projects with (what looks like) the same Client in Parallax - Parallax allows you to merge one Project within Parallax into another using the "+ Add Deal" button on the Integrations Page of the Project you want to keep - but only if the Projects are of the same Billing Model and the same Client.  So, if...

    • ...You're not seeing a Project on the list of available Projects to merge
    • ...and you've made sure they are the same Billing Model (Time and Materials, Fixed Bid, etc)

This typically means the two projects were brought into Parallax from your CRM under different Clients.

What do I do if I have duplicate Clients? 

The most important thing to do if you have duplicate Clients is to determine which is the correct Client. 

You'll want to consider the following:

  • Are there Projects with these Clients connected to Timesheets?
    If a Client has already been mapped to Harvest by connecting a Timesheet, that's the Client you'll want to keep.  Sometimes the names in Parallax and your Timesheet will be identical, but you may sometimes need to submit a ticket for help determining which is the correct.
  • Have any of these Clients already been merged in your CRM?
    It's tempting to merge Clients within your CRM - and you will want to do that later to prevent them from coming back into Parallax - but it's best to wait until the after duplicate Clients are addressed in Parallax, to avoid merging the wrong Client.  If you already merged Clients into one, that's the one you'll want to keep.
  • What was the intended Client name?
    If there are no Projects connected to Harvest, then it's best to look at the client/customer name within your CRM to see which one fits best.


Projects that are in the Sales Pipeline, can be changed in your CRM (then pushed through by any budget/name change), but Active Projects can be changed directly in Parallax by moving the Project to Awaiting Start Status, disconnecting any Timesheets and editing in the top-left corner.


If you have trouble doing this, you can submit a Ticket for help resolving these Clients (using the "Give Feedback" Link shown above).  It's best if you can let us know:

  • The Names of each Client within Parallax
  • The ID within your CRM associated with each Client (usually the last group of numbers on the end of the URL in your CRM where the customer/client is found)
  • Which Client you believe should be kept within Parallax

With that information, we can help consolidate the Clients and provide additional Support.


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