Looking to better segment?

There are great powers and possibilities that come with tagging and this article will walk you through how to best use your tags.

Segmentation Best Practices

The primary value derived from project tags is segmenting projects based on the way the business looks at their data - this provides more ways to segment data for people and projects.

Reports can be filtered down (segment) by a Person tag, Role tag, or Project tag depending on the report in Insights.

As a brief overview, Utilization filters by Person tags, while Revenue and the Dashboard filter by Project tags. Resourcing is mixed based on which tab you’re on.

The Pre-Work

Before you can start segmenting and mapping the following should be completed:

  1. Create Categories with Tags that would be assigned to each category  
  2. People are assigned their appropriate Tags
  3. Projects are assigned their appropriate Tags

Person Tag Example: 

Category: Skills

Skill Tags: C++, Java, Back-end, etc. 

         People are assigned their appropriate Tags

                     Jason the back end developer has his Skill for C++ tagged

Projects Tags:  Location, Support, Website, Development


Best Practice Scenario

Revenue Report

Looking to check on how your team is performing by revenue and margin? Within the Insights Revenue report filter by Project Tags to see the revenue and margin by specifically tagged projects.  


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