This week, we've got some exciting new Enhancements that include a new version of the Shaper tool that you see within Assignments View and the Project Shaper targeted at improving performance and adding new functionality, as well as some tweaks to the Costs & Revenues and P&L Pages to help better organize the information you find there!

Shaper 2.0

Have you ever gotten stuck waiting for a particularly large dataset to load within the Assignments View?  Have you ever been ready to dive into Allocations within a Project's Shaper, only to wait out that green loading bar?  We aim to address this and more with the enhancements we're releasing today!

Not only that, but we've made several other small but mighty updates like adding Copy/Paste suport and the ability to adjust the size of the left-side column that shows your People/Projects.  Collectively these changes make up Shaper 2.0, and will affect the Project Shaper, the Assignments View and other pages!

We feel this one was so important we've got a separate article to breakdown everything that has and hasn't changed, so check it out here!

Financials Refresh - Costs & Revenues


In our old Costs & Revenues page, everything was grouped together, making it difficult to see at a glance which line items are being attributed to the Service Revenue generated by your Team, any Other Revenue unrelated to Service work that needs to be included, and Other Costs that are such as discounts.

We've cleaned that up by splitting these types of Cost and Revenue out so they each have their own section.  As a bonus, this frees up extra space within the columns, making it easier to see which Offering that Cost/Revenue is being applied to or any Notes you've added!

As an extra bonus, we've added a "Print" option to the bottom-right corner, allowing you to print off a copy for reference!

Financials Refresh - Project P&L


Like the Costs & Revenue Page, we felt the Project Profit and Loss (P&L) Page was difficult to read, and easy to misinterpret.  We've kept all of the same segments in place (Hours, Revenue, Costs, Margin) as well as the same datasets (Sold, Projected, Actuals, Remaining), but we've added a more distinct variation in the shades of gray for Subtotals and Totals to really make them pop!

More importantly, we're now splitting out segment by what's coming from Services and what's attributed to Other Costs/Revenue entries added through the Costs & Revenue page.  This makes it much easier to see the impact of any non-Service Revenue or Costs on the overall Margin.

And just like the Costs and Revenues page, we've added a Print button so you can print for future reference!

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