The newest version of the Shaper 2.0 will allow for greater functionality around the process of shaping projects within a project, Assignments View and Advanced Search. 




Individual Cell Loading 


Improved load times from Shaper, Assignment View and Advanced Search pages that allows the page to load faster while populating the cells gradually.  This change will allow you to review shapes and begin making those changes sooner vs waiting for a full page load to occur. 


Adjustable left-side bar


New ability to adjust the width of the page to maximize space with Offerings due to short or longer naming conventions. 


Copy/Paste supported

When  you have plans that exist outside of Parallax we have now added the functionality to make it easier to get that data from a spreadsheet into Parallax. 

Parallax Copy/Past Supports: 

  • CSV or TXV Files
  • Google Sheets
  • Excel Documents
  • Parallax Shaper 

When copying from the Shaper itself, just click on the first cell you want copy, then use your Shift+Arrow Keys to grab the cells you want!

Parallax Tip - Single Rows

Currently, cells a can be copied/pasted from one row at a time - so if the copy or paste doesn't appear to be working, make sure to check that you haven't selected multiple rows. 


Streamlined cell navigation



While using your Arrow Keys to move from cell-to-cell isn't new, we have added support for combining them with your Shift Key to highlight groups of cells.  Additionally, you can now use your keyboard's Tab key (as well as Shift + Tab) to move your cursor from cell to cell.  Once you've started moving your cursor, you can copy single cells (with Ctrl + C), paste (using Ctrl + V), begin editing a cell (Spacebar), delete a cell's contents (Delete or Backspace), or jump vertically to the next cell down (Enter key). 

With these new supported functions, we hope the Shaper feels a little more comfortable and easy to use!

Overview of new keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Select groups of cells using Shift + Arrow Keys.
  2. Copy selected cells with Ctrl + C.
  3. Paste copied cells using Ctrl + V.
  4. Begin editing a cell (Spacebar).
  5. Delete cell contents (Delete or Backspace).
  6. Jump vertically to the next cell down (Enter key).

Automated Project End Date changes associated with Offerings

Prior to this update, when you drag a cell past the edge of your Offering, Parallax would ask you whether you wanted to extend the end of the Project to fit your new Offering. 

2024-02-13_17-18-06.gifAbove example depicts previous example.

With the latest update, the Project End Date will automatically extend anytime you drag cells past the current Project End Date (see below example). However, you can still have an Offering that extends beyond the end of the Project End Date - to do this, use the "Change Start Date" (found by right-clicking on the Offering header) to update the date accordingly. 


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