In order to keep up with the changes we’ve made within Insights, we’re updating Permissions to help you customize access to each individual Report, rather than by category as we’ve historically done.  Check out the full breakdown below!

How have Permissions been updated?

Find out what these changes are and how they work in this section.

How do these Permission changes impact me?

Check out here for more info about what changes may need to be made based on this update!

How have Permissions been updated?


Within the Permission sets you’ll find under Settings > Permissions, we’ve split access permission within Insights from being by each Category (example: Utilization, Resourcing, etc.) to being by each individual Report.  Check out below for how these permissions will look going forward:

  • Original: Utilization Reports
    • New: Utilization Overview
    • New: Utilization Forecast
  • Original: Resourcing Reports
    • New: Resourcing Hiring Forecast
    • New: Resourcing Open Roles
  • Original: Revenue Reports
    • New: Revenue OverView
    • New: Revenue Forecast
  • Original: Margin Reports
    • New: Margin Overview
    • New: Margin Forecast
  • Original: Project Health Report
    • New: Project Health Overview
    • New: Project Health by Period
  • Original: Account Dashboard
    • No Change

In addition, we’ve added a new Permission under Insights called Other Reports - this permission will govern any reports not covered in the above list.

How do these Permission changes impact me?


If you're the individual managing Permissions within Parallax you'll want to open each Permission Set that has access to Insights in order to make sure Permission is checked for each new Insights Permission.

If you're a User and you’re noticing that your access has changed, you’ll want to speak with the individual in charge of managing User permissions within your organization - they’ll be able to assign you the correct permissions to view the Report!

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