How many times have you made an unintended allocation change within the Project Shaper, then thought to yourself – what did I do?  No matter how careful you are, we've all been there.  While you can always visit the Change Log to see a summary of what happened, identifying each individual change and how to reverse it has still been a pain point – but with our newest release, we've created an Undo button with the aim of putting a dent in that challenge.

As an added bonus, we've made an update to the wording and language within Parallax regarding workers to make it broader and more inclusive of differing worker types.  Check out below for more info!


Shaper Undo


With the new Undo function, you can quickly reverse changes that you made within your current browsing session.  Seeing unexpected changes based on a Project Start Date?  Undo to the rescue!  Accidentally clear an entire row of Allocations?  Undo has your back!  With this new feature, we hope you'll feel more confident about the changes you're making and your ability to quickly fix any errors.

How does it work?

At the bottom of the Shaper and edit Mode of the Assignments View, next to the cell view options (Denominator, View, Data), you'll see Undo and Redo Buttons – using them is as simple as you'd expect! 


Just click make a change to Shaper cells...


...then click "Undo" to reverse changes you've made within this shaping session or "Redo" to re-create changes you've undone!

What are the current limitations?

The Undo/Redo functions will work within the confines of your current shaping session – this means that once you've navigated away from the current page, you would not be able to use Undo/Redo to reverse/re-create those changes.  As you'd expect with any Redo option, if you use Undo to reverse a change, then make a new change to replace it, you wouldn't be able to re-create it using Redo. 

Currently, you can Undo/Redo:

  • Allocations added to/removed from a single Cell.
  • Allocations added/removed by dragging from a Cell.
  • Project Start/End Date changes made from Date Picker.
  • Offering Start/End Date changes made from Date Picker.
  • Project/Offering End Date changes made by dragging Cells.
  • Allocations cleared using Right-Click options to Clear All, Clear Left, Clear Right or Clear Column.
  • Allocations moved using Right Click option for Push Out.

Currently, you would not be able to Undo/Redo:

  • Changes made prior to navigating to the Assignments View/Shaper.
  • Employee Assignment to or removal from a Project Role.
  • Addition, duplication or removal of a Project Role.

While we continue to explore additional ways to provide the best ways to track and update changes, we hope you find this tool for useful when reversing changes made unintentionally or with unexpected impacts.  

Wording Update: People

As an added bonus to this week's update, we've also updated our wording throughout Parallax to provide the broadest and most effective communication about worker Types.  In a nutshell, we've updated the word "Employee" to "Person"/"People" as a blanket to refer to all worker types – Employee, Contractor, Placeholder and any other relevant worker Types that we may identify in the future.

This shouldn't change anything about how you use Parallax, just the wording you'll see on various pages throughout Parallax.  Read on for more!

What does this affect?

At it's essence, this is a labelling change – it will affect the wording used page names, fields within pages and filters.  Below we've summarized what to expect:

  • Settings > Employees is now Settings > People
  • The "Employee Type" field a person's profile (on Settings > People) is now their "Worker Type"*
  • Insights Filters, Drilldowns and Data that were previously by "Employee" are now by "Person"/"People" (example: Employee Tags > People Tags)
  • Searches and Filters in the Assignment View by "Employee" will now be by "Person"/"People"

*Parallax Tip 1 –  "Full-Time Employee" is now the Employee worker Type

Now that we allow employee schedules to be unique, we’ve shortened Full-Time Employee to Employee.

What should I do differently?

In a word – absolutely nothing!  This is a change to the wording we use throughout Parallax; we want you to be aware of this update in order to avoid confusion when you see this shift thoughout Parallax and our Knowledge and Support Center.  If you have additional questions please feel free to submit a ticket or reach out to your CSM!

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