Parallax offers multiple Insight Reports to provide you with a variety of different options to view the details you need from utilization, revenue, margins and more! 

What reports are available and what do they tell me?


Utilization Forecast

Utilization is a useful metric for evaluating how well you’re planning, and how well you’re making progress toward those plans. This report arms you with the ability to look forward and get ahead of managing utilization. We can leverage the information presented to highlight where we need to turn our attention and make adjustments before situations unravel. This report will show you planned capacity, projected hours, billable capacity, total capacity and projected FTE along with filters to drill down to see the level of detail needed.

Utilization Overview

The Utilization > Overview report allows you to monitor Utilization variances between the Targets you're setting, the Plans that you're making, and the Actuals that are being realized. Using this report, you can view past periods to analyze your actual utilization compared to what you had planned (actual vs. planned). Red indicates that you are tracking under plan, whereas blue indicates that you are tracking over plan. Look out for any trends in variance when reviewing multiple periods in the past. You can also look ahead, in order to see if People have enough work planned for them to hit their utilization goals (Planned vs. Target).


Open Roles

The Open Roles report is designed to show you where unfilled roles exist within your pipeline and active backlog. Additionally, the report highlights who on your staff has openings in their bandwidth that could be used to fill those gaps. The standard filtering is available here to segment by date range, zero in on specific departments, and filter out early stage pipeline noise. 

Hiring Forecast 

The report gives you the ability to change the scenario by choosing to include/exclude certain active projects, pipeline opportunities, and staff members. You'll start with a heat map display of how much free capacity your team currently has. This is derived from your current allocations across active projects only, and does not include any pipeline opportunity. 


Revenue Overview 

The Revenue > Overview Report allows you to view and evaluate your Projected (past Actuals + future Plans) across both your Pipeline and Active Projects. It allows you to look at projected Revenue on a by-Project basis, but also to see the bigger picture. By using filters, you can segment this to plan for various scenarios.


Margin Overview 

The Margin > Overview report allows you to filter by Department, Role, Offering, Client, People, Project and Tags.  You can review revenue, average bill rate, costs, gross profit and margin in more detail. This gives you insight into the progress made or where adjustments need to be made to hit your margin goals.

Margin Forecast 

 The Margin > Forecast works much the same way as the Revenue > Forecast Report, except that, instead of viewing overall Forecast Revenue on Projects, you're able to view the Forecasted Gross Profit and the Forecasted Margin percentage. Since these are two separate ways to look at a Project, making these two separate reports allows us to frame up Margin as an ongoing subset of reports for easier navigation and more clarity about the goals of a given report. 

Project Health

Project Health Overview 

The Project Health Overview is a report that will allow you to check on how well your projects are doing by giving you a comprehensive view of the project as you sold it, the current state and your projections for the future. The report allows you to compare variances on Margins, Hours, and Revenue while also looking at EAC% and effective rates. 

Project Health by Period 

Project Health by Period report is going to get you a closer look at what a Project looks like over time. The Project Health by Period report let's you zoom in on the variance between Plans and Actuals for a specific Period based on either Hours or Revenue. You can not only look at which Projects have had challenges or successes, but also when within the Project those challenges and successes occurred and by how much much. You can drill down further to Departments, Roles or People, or segment using filters. In short, the Project Health by Period puts you in the driver's seat by giving you many options on how Plans and reality stack up over time periods that are meaningful to you.  

Account Dashboard 

Account Dashboard

The Account Dashboard gives a quick glance into the clients listed with Projects (Offerings) along with Projected Margins, EAC %, projected revenue, and average bill rate. This is where you can view actual, planned, and forecasted data quickly. There is also the ability to see project risk if assigned at the project level. 

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