As we've continued to evolve the reports that you see within Insights, the menu by which you access those Reports has not necessarily reflected those changes.  We've now updated the left-hand menu in order to reflect the correct groupings.  In addition, we've also added functionality to support Revenue and Margin Targets!


What has changed in the Navigation Menu?

The primary changes we've made are to the names and locations of reports, to better reflect their use and to support a new Margin section of reports:

  • The Resourcing > Forecast report is now the Utilization > Forecast
  • The Revenue > Schedule report is now the Revenue > Overview
  • The Revenue > Margin report is now the Margin > Overview

In addition to these changes, we've created a new Margin > Forecast report that's used to highligh margin, rather than Revenue when you're scenario planning.  This group of reports will be managed within a new Margin Reports permission - check out our article on Settings > Permissions to find out more about managing permissions!


What is the new Margin Forecast Report?

In short, the Margin > Forecast is works much the same way as the Revenue > Forecast Report, except that, instead of viewing overall Forecast Revenue on Projects, you're able to view the Forecasted Gross Profit and the Forecasted Margin percentage.  Since these are two separate ways to look at a Project, making these two separate reports allows us to frame up Margin as an ongoing subset of reports moving foward for easier navigation and more clarity about the goals of a given report.  You can find full details of the report here.

What are Finanical Targets and how do they work?

Financial Targets are a new way of getting the most out of your Margin > Forecast and Revenue > Forecast reports.  By setting Targets for both Annual Revenue and Annual Margin Rate, you can set goals for yourself that are visible within the Chart as a benchmark for how you're doing.  

You do this by:

  1. Setting an Annual Revenue for the year, and clicking "Distribute accross months".
  2. Setting the desired percentage for Annual Margin Rate (which will automatically apply that Percentage to each month).
  3. If needed, use the Revenue table to adjust each individual month.

Once complete, you'll see the Target Revenue and Margin appear in these Reports, in order to help Users see how different pipeline scenarios perform to expected business outcomes.





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