The Revenue Earned report will no longer be available after January 31, 2023. Check out the updated Revenue Margin report instead!

Moving Forward with the Revenue Margin report

We have made some updates to our existing Revenue Margin report to create a centralized location for breaking down revenue and margin by department, role, offering, client, employee and project. With these updates the Revenue Earned report was only showing part of the picture and didn't provide clear visibility into margin. 


The updates to Revenue Margin expand on the functionality of Revenue Earned by:

  • Displaying margin as both an aggregate amount and a percentage
  • Sorting across the table to better highlight areas of attention
  • Calculating average bill rate to diagnose potential issues with margin
  • Expanding the timeframe functionality to add more flexibility into the periods of analysis.

We've also introduced a dynamic threshold alerting system to quickly call attention to margins that fall outside of your expectations. Margins under your set threshold will be highlighted in red, while margins above will be highlighted in blue.


If you have any questions, or need extra support transitioning to this new report don't hesitate to contact your CSM or the support team.

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