The Utilization Basic and Utilization Forecast reports will no longer be available after January 31, 2023. Check out the updated Utilization Overview report instead!

Moving Forward with the Utilization Overview report

Replacing Utilization Basic

The Utilization Basic report was created to show who on your team was booked on work, and to what degree that work was executed via a comparison of actual hours to planned hours. Largely, the main functionality of this report is now performed using the Assignments View.

Additionally, the Utilization Basic report wasn't surfacing the actionable information derived by the variance between actuals and planned, which we now account for on the new Utilization Overview report.

In the Utilization Overview report, we have made it easier to understand:

  • Who has recorded fewer hours compared to their plans / goals with cells in red highlighting negative variances
  • Who has recorded more hours compared to their plans / goals with cells in blue highlighting positive variances
  • Planned capacity vs. billable capacity, target utilization, and variances to actual hours
  • Also customized views and better filtering!



Replacing Utilization Forecast

The Utilization Forecast report will also be unavailable in Parallax after January 31, 2023. This report was originally designed to provide a view into forecasted utilization. We've expanded that visibility in the Utilization Overview by comparing that forecasting utilization against capacity and also utilization targets.

Additionally, our brand new Hiring Forecast report takes the concept of looking at FTEs to a much higher level by allowing you more scenario planning through the inclusion / exclusion of pipeline opportunities, team members, and projects.


All in all, the functionality provided by the Utilization Basic and Utilization Forecast has been supplanted by these new updates, and therefore these legacy reports will no longer be supported, but we know you'll love the new ones!

If you have any questions, or need extra support transitioning to these new reports don't hesitate to contact your CSM or the support team.

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