Slack is a great tool, not just for communicating within your business, but also for managing workflows!  Through our new and improved Parallax Bot, you can cut down on switching back and forth between Parallax and Harvest by using Slack to view Plans and Actuals for certain periods of time, as well as to submit and edit timesheets.


How do I install it?

We've got a great article dedicated to this exact topic - you can check it out here!


How does it work?

Once you've got the Parallax Bot installed and ready to go, you can type in /parallax along with the time-frame you're looking for in order to get a Slack post from the Parallax bot in order to view Planned Hours and edit/submit Actuals.

Below are the time-frames you can select, each giving you the time-window mentioned:

  • /parallax This Week
  • /parallax Last Week
  • /parallax Next Week
  • /parallax Yesterday
  • /parallax Today
  • /parallax Tomorrow

Once you do this, you get the desired time-frame pulled up, you can:

  1. View the Project Name, Project Status, Planned Hours and Submitted Hours for each Project in one convenient post.
  2. Click View Project Details to view the Plans and Actuals breakdown by day
  3. Click Submit Planned Time to add Actuals to Harvest based on your Plans within Parallax*
  4. Click Edit Submitted Time to go directly to the Harvest Project and edit any Actuals that have already been submitted.


Once your actuals match the planned amount, the Submit Planned Time button will disappear. If it’ actually taking you more time than estimated select the Edit in Harvest button to make those changes in Harvest.

You can also type in the /parallax help command to pull up the Parallax Bot to get a quick reminder of what the Parallax Bot can do and how it works.

What Timesheets will Parallax Bot work with?

Currently, Slack is available only through Harvest - but our Teams bot is available for Harvest, Toggl, and Everhour. 

More info

For more info, check out the following articles:

Using the Parallax Bot in Slack


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