We've recently added a Time Off page in order to manage some newer functions within Parallax.  There are two main activities you'll use the Time Off page for: converting an Internal Project into PTO and managing your Holiday Calendar (previously managed through the Insights section).

Converting Internal Projects into PTO

We’ll cover how to use this page to convert existing Internal Projects into PTO within Parallax.

Holiday Calendar

We'll cover what's moved to the Time Off page from Insights, and how to add Holidays here.
Cancelled PTO What happens if PTO is scheduled but not taken?  Find out here.

Converting Internal Projects into PTO


If you're new to Parallax, you might not know this, but we previously used Internal Projects as a way of managing not only non-billable work, but also Time-Off.  As you can imagine, this isn't the most efficient way to do things, so we've recently introduced new functionality and integrations for managing PTO separately from any non-billable work you may be doing.

That's where the Time Off page comes in - this page gives you the opportunity to take existing Internal Projects within Parallax and convert them into Time Off Projects in order to track them as Time Off Projects that do not affect Capacity and Utilization.



It's as simple as typing in the Project Name and selecting from the list of Project Names that populate and clicking to Convert!

Once you do that, we'll ask you to confirm you wanted to convert the project - once you hit "Yes" you're done!

Warning: This cannot be reversed!

Once you select "Yes", the internal project converted will be archived and excluded from internal projects in Parallax. This action can not be undone.


Parallax Tip: I don't have an existing Internal Project for Time Off.  What do I do?

The Convert option for Time Off is typically used when an Internal Project is already being used to track your time off, but  we understand you may not have one.  You can jump right in to manage Time Off through the Shaper and Assignments View or if you want, you can create a new Internal Project to plan the Time Off you know about, in order to Convert and get a head start.


Holiday Calendar


While the Holiday Calendar was previously found within the Insights section of Parallax, it can now be found here on the Time-Off page.  Here you can create and edit Holidays for your Holiday Calendar.


To create a new Holiday, click the "Create Holiday Link". This will open a module where you can add and set a Name for the Holiday, as well as select from a Date picker to select the Date the Holiday will occur.


For Holidays that span multiple days, you can select "Add Another Day" to add additional Dates which the Holiday will span.


Participation in Holidays can be managed directly through the Employees page. For Employees participating in these Holidays, they will automatically be factored out of their Employee Schedule when calculating Capacity.


Cancelled PTO

Parallax assumes that Time Off which is added to Parallax will be fulfilled, so for Time Off and Holidays, hours added function as both Allocations (planned hours) and Actuals (completed hours).  The easiest way to manage Time Off for your Organization as a whole is to use the Edit Mode of the Assignments Filter while sorting only by Time Off:





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